Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Petit Chat @ Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2015

What is Petit Chat ArtFashion ?

Petit Chat ArtFashion is a specialized product line using some of my digital artworks on some of my fashion designs. Every piece of digital artworks are reworked in order to be used as fabric on my fashion products.
On top, every item will have materials enabled to bring you a unique look.
All items are created with a lot of care to give you the best of my skills as an artist and as a fashion designer.
Almost all the original artworked used for this product line are photoshoped. I’m more a digital artist than a photographer. They represent my very personal view and feelings at the moment I created them.

Trinity Yazimoto

*PC* Whispers of roses w/Jewelry Set

*PC* Dancing in the light outfit 

 *PC* The lighthouse outfit 
::Gabriel:: Slip-on monstera

 *PC* The last crossing outfit 
::Gabriel:: Slip-on monstera

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