About My Blog

I generally accept most review copies offered(to a point) and post them with my best of my ability. I believe everyone should have the chance to be acknowledged  because every designers work just as hard as everyone else.  I will do my best to post within couple of days but I ask to give me some time to post them(4-5 days max) because lot of times I can not post them the day I receive them due to my RL or the review copies are just backed up and need to do some catch ups. If you think about it, every blogger will be blogging the new releases at the same time but people will be forgetting about it in 2 to 3 weeks time right? Will be a good reminder dont you think? :D Though I try not take that long to blog.  So please keep that in mind.

My photos are edited with minimal use of Photoshop(primarily because Im still learning :P). Therefore, the colors and styles are close to actual images you'll see inworld depending on the individual computers.

Please send me your items and notecard stating the item description and store LM. If you would like me to add your store logo, I'll be glad to add them with LM link.

Disclaimer:  I will always credit items that are sent to me as a review copy however, the items I purchased, I have the right to decide whether to credit them. 

If you have any questions, please IM me inworld or email me at jeniejennings@gmail.com

Thank you, Jenie :D