Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beautiful Chinese Dress from Chichi of London

Beautiful silk brocade Asian print cheongsam from CHICHI of London. This Chinese style dress with sash belt and thigh high stockings showing thru the slit on the side will make you easily stand out in the crowd. This dress can be worn on many occasions, the length is perfect for elegance. Shoes and purse included

Dress: ChiChi of London - Chichi Kai Ying
Hair: *Plume* - Lily/Soil
Jewelries: ((Crystal line))Camelia Bracelets and Earrings

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rock Me Amadeus's Great New Beachwears are here!

Exotic animal print swimwear collection from Rock Me Amadeus lights up the animal in you. There are several prints and styles to choose from and they are very affordable, you can get one of your favorite or if you cant decide, you can get them all!

 St Lucia Blue and Peach
 Miami Zebra Red and Miami Snake
Rio Snake

Hair: Truth Sylvia - Pumpkin 
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Audrey 

CHICHI of London San Tropez Beach Swimwear

Yayyyy, summer is here and so are Chichi of London's lovely San Tropez Beach swimwear. Their swimwear are not like others you see around. They are made of brocade type texture with Asian prints. As you can see, they come with Asian style footwear called zori or geta usually wear with kimonos or yukatas(summer kimono). I think they are very unique for walking on the beach boardwalks. Also included are the sunhats to cover your delicate skin from the sun.  You want to be unique and different? ChiChi of London has it for you!

Chichi San Tropez Beach Suit Sunset
Chichi San Tropez Beach Suit Aqua

 Chichi San Tropez Beach Suit Jungle
Chichi San Tropez Beach Suit Natural

Friday, June 24, 2011

AZUL- Canna Sombra

There are many designers in SL who designs stunning gowns. And this person is one of them. Mami Jewell from Azul.  Here is one of her stunning new design, Canna Sombra in Topaz color. I think this color and the dress is very sophisticated and beautiful. This two toned gown has the unique flared out collar with comfortably body fitted bodice and the skirt flares from the knees at the bottom. Also there is one other way to wear this is as a short skirt dress with slits on both side makes this a perfect dress for any cocktail parties. Available in 6 different colors

 Gown: Azul Canna Sombra Topaz
Hair: *Plume* - Diamonds/Soil
Jewelries: ((Crystal line)) Camelia (Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Audrey

Entre Mares Mia Gown

Sykao from Entre Mares never cease to amaze me. I just love this very sexy and revealing lacy gown. Most of her gown has this very silky textured skirt that flows lightly behind you when you walk. I have always loved that about her gowns. This gown is actually very daring, fits to your curve with light lace bodice. If you are daring and brave, this gown will perhaps be a lovely wedding gown. Will be hard for all the gentlemen to keep their eyes off of you tho lol

Gown: Entre Mares Mia
Jewelries: Ambroisa II white Pearl 
Hair: *Plume* - Fragrance/Soil
Nails: ((Crystal line))Prim nail"Jewell"
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Entre Mares Design

Sykao from Entre Mare does it again and again with her gorgeous creations. Just amazes me how elegant and sexy they all are. Here is one of her new stunning design, Dania Gold with very sexy body hugging lace gown with a straight skirt that flares from the knee with soft silky texture that follows behind of you with every step. Just look at her details, you can tell she takes her time with her designs.

Close up of the bodice(click on photo for more detailed look)

Gown: Entre Mares Dania Gold
Hair: Baiastice-great night hair Black
Jewelries: Alienbear Queen Rosie

sf Design New Release Swimwear

Go wild this summer with these Wild Thing animal print swimwear from sf Design. Swaffette from sf Design designed this new modern Monokini style reveals your sexy hour glass body. All in exotic animal print with sarong make you look elegant at any beach party. Whether you're a lizard, leopard, white tiger or snake, whatever your inner animal are, you'll be the center of attention for sure.

Wild Thing Lizard

Wild Thing Leopard

Wild Thing White Tiger

Wild Thing Pink Lizard

Second thing swaffette has released are shoes. Yes, she also does shoes too if some of you didnt know. Also in wild animal print, lizard and leopard print and yes, my fave, color changeable! OMG, just love those color changeable stuff, tons of shoes for the price of one. And as you all know, she makes every items so affordable. So what are you waiting for? Be sexy with wild animals!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Introducing CHICHI of London Fashion Designs

Elegant Royal Wedding gown set, Camilla in black and Beatrice in red by CHICHI of London. Lovely gown for attending royal weddings and balls or even taking a stroll on the Royal park on the lovely sunny day. 

Close up of the bodice

CHICHI of London LM:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mu-Shi Dolls Jeans Jumper

Lovely casual jeans jumpsuit/rompers with matching bag from Mu-Shi Doll great for summer heat! Tank top style with front zipper and cuffed shorts bottom. Wear with right shoes, jewelries and bags will make you stand out in the crowd. There's color choices of blue or Grey

Outfit: Mu-Shi Dolls Jeans Jumper(Blue and Grey)
Hair: Aleida Wippy (Group Gift) 
Jewelries: +:+WTG+:+ **Easter Egg** (April Group Gift)
Shoes: Aleida Malene Pumps (Closing at the end of June - 50-80% off sale!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Unique Megastore Mega Dad's Day Sale!


We, at Unique Megastore, love a reason to celebrate! And it's much better to celebrate with those that brought us till here! You, our customer! So we made this special coupon where from Friday (Jun 17th) to Sunday (Jun 19th), you can get 20% off in selected fatpacks of male and female skins and also in selected packs of eyes! It's the first time we're doing that and we hope you all enjoy it!

The participating items are (please note, ONLY FATPACKS and only at our main store):

Apolo A2 2nd Generation

Atena (Pale, Bronze e Dark)
Artemis (Pale, Bronze e Dark)


How to proceed:

1) Go to one of our terminals at our main store 
2) Click in the terminal and type this code in your local chat: TREATDADSBLOG;
3) There will appear a blue menu to guide you from there on;
4) You can buy more than one product at once, you just have to click "buy more";
5) When you are done choosing your products, click "checkout";
6) The total statement will be displayed in your screen with products and amount;
7) Click the object with the right button and pay the amount referring to your shop;
8) It's done! You will receive all the items you got!

Thanks our special treat for you!

Enjoy it!


Saturday, June 11, 2011


FINESMITH is having a hunt right now until June 30. There are 21 boxes to find and items will be sold to you for 0-200L each (0, 10L, 20L, 30L......190L,200L) that contains fabulous goodies inside worth minimum of 250L each, all together worth well over 15k and when you complete the hunt, here's what you get...

Complete Amor'e outfit and jewelries

Complete "Melting"oufit and "Magic" jewelries
(Boots and nails are not hunt items)

This hunt is for Finesmith group members only so hurry and join and happy hunting! 

Here are the hints:
#1 Hint: Its not funky or retro and its not in front..

#2 Hint: Red and blue mix together so beautifully in the sky...

#3 Hint:  2 powerhouse creators together! 

#4 Four models dancing, 3 bracelets jingling, 2 rings shining....

#5 Hint:  Do I need to spell it out for you? Its not y-o-u, its..

#6  Hint: Its' Lovely how these Eyes can see a whole collection!

#7 Hint:  Was it her violet eyes? You have to go here and find out.

#8 Hint: Kitty races! Go go!

#9 Hint:  Beyond stunning but still it is...couture

#10 Hint: Its not Elle and its not Cosmo but it is fashion!
#11 Its not Thursday can still luck out!
#12 Hint: Dont rub this after a big meal!
#13 Hint:  Ohh Think Pink, its not a secret anymore..

#14  Hint: Japanese beauty...Delicate and soft..

#15 Hint:  Its not real..but its not fake..

#16  Look up! Is it Rissa? Yula? or is it Ali?...hmm...

#17 Hint:  Be careful..they are fragile..

#18 Hint:  Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will stop you from finding this item!

#19 Hint:  Those darn Foxes always up to or under something...

#20 Hint:  There is no Limit to how far a tush can go!

#21 Hint:  Whats next to the desert?  The Ocean? An oasis?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

VERO MODERO's Colera Myth Chair with Loaded Poses

VERO MODERO goes props! You heard me right, they are not only for great fashions anymore. They also have great poses and props for models and photo shutter bugs. Below is Colera Myth Chair in black loaded with 15 poses and position adjustable menu. Available in 3 colors. Here are few of the poses in the chair.

Chair: VERO MODERO Colera Myth Chair Black
Outfit: VERO MODERO Vesti Set
Shoes: VERO MODERO Lacetta Heels Black

NEW from sf Design - Leather Skirts

Here they are, feel like a rock star in this smoking hot leather skirt with wide belt from sf Design. Tight and comfortably fitted pencil skirt flattering the hip line that moves with your body.  You have a option to wear regular length skirt for sophisticated dates and offices and mini-cut skirt looks great with heels or tights and boots for a night club outings.  The blouse is sf Design's Rizzo shirt available to purchase separately in several different colors and skirts are available in black, red, black and brown.

Skirt: sf Design Leather Skirt and Belt
Shirt: sf Design Rizzo shirt
Jewelries: +:+WTG+:+ **Kaleidoscope-black** 
Hair: Donna Flora ALESSIA hair dirty blonde

Model: Jenie Jennings

NEW Release from VERO MODERO - Goldie Flower

Dress: VERO MODERO Goldie Flower
Shoes: VERO MODERO Lacetta Heels Black
Jewelries/Nails: +:+WTG+:+ **Kaleidoscope-black** 
Hair: Vanity Hair:Folie d'Ete-Nova Brown

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEW from House of Beningborough - Nightshade

HOB came out with this gorgeous feathery gown, Nightshade. This color is called Pink Tourmaline but the color is stunning, sort of burgundy color which I really love but you have several great colors to choose from. A single shoulder strap with one single feather covering the other with rows of feathers from shoulder continues down to the bodice and to your toe. Beautiful feathered headdress completes this stunning ballgown you will be a star of the night.

Monday, June 6, 2011

House of Beningborough - Pink Leather Edina

New release from HOB, Edina Leather outfit available in 7 different colors. There are 2 style options you can wear. One style is to wear the sleeves and soft and sheer skirt to have a lovely baby doll style look and take off the sleeves and skirt to have a chic and savvy cyber sort of styling and both styles looks fabulous with spiral fascinator hat.
Outfit: HOB Edina Leather Pink
Hair: Vanity Hair:Minerva 
Earring: Finesmith- Leah Inspiration
Bracelet: Finesmith O collection

Sunday, June 5, 2011

NEW Release at +:+WTG+:+

Awesome collaboration from Schoen and WTG Jewelry brings you "Lamia", pants from Schon and belt from WTG sold as one at WTG store. This pants are designed to fit for male and female and there are 2 types of pants designs to choose from. One with print on full back and front and another with print on the front only and plain black, no print on the back(below photo). You also have an option of wearing pants only or belt only with something else so its like buying 2 items in one! Great collaboration from 2 wonderful designers.

Pants: ::Schon:: +:+WTG+:+ Lamia
Shirt: [LeeZu] Lana Top Brown
Nails: +:+WTG+:+ **Kaleidoscope-silver** Silver
Hair: Baiastice-Invasion-BLACK