Thursday, November 28, 2019

SL Christmas Expo 2019 Dec 5 to 15

EPIC OOAK Linden Home Auction @ 2019 SL Christmas Expo

 The American Cancer Society in Second Life® and Linden Lab, the Society’s partner in the fight against cancer, announced a BLOCKBUSTER AUCTION as part of Believe In The Magic of Christmas, the 9th Annual SL Christmas Expo
 The auction will be held during the Expo which runs from Dec 5th through the 15th and supports the Society mission to fight Childhood Cancer. One lucky bidder will receive a 6-month Premium Membership and a 4th Edition Linden Home with Exclusive Seasonal content and located on a special parcel designed just for them by LDPW Moles.  The auction is the fourth and final element of the Lab’s participation in this year’s Expo.  As previously announced the 4th Edition of the New Linden Homes will be revealed at the Expo, Linden homes will be decorated and take part in the annual Lights Of Hope house decoration contest, and the first-ever Ebbe Linden Bear will be revealed and available for a L$ 250 donation to the American Cancer Society, toward the Expo’s goal of raising $20,000 to provide VR Headsets to be used by kids undergoing cancer treatments.
Silent bidding on all OOAKs begins Dec 5th, with final Open Auction Bidding starting at 10am Dec 15th.
 “We are grateful to Linden Lab for their invaluable support of the Expo,” Expo Director Nuala Maracas stated. “Every aspect of this year’s Linden Lab participation will help us not only reach our goal of $20,000, but will also help make more residents familiar with all the programs available at American Cancer Society here in Second Life® and in the organic world.”
In addition to the Linden Homes and Ebbe Bear, this year’s Expo will feature more than 170 merchants, spread over 12 regions, and bringing every aspect of SL living to the event.  Fashion, Childrens shops, breedables and home and garden are only part of the excitement. Nearly non-stop entertainment, Christmas trees, a Snowman Contest, a Kids Fashion Runway Show, winter activities, gachas and raffles are also on tap at the largest and best known Christmas Event on the grid.  There will also be a Stocking Stuffer Hunt and the Magic of Christmas Mega Raffle with more than L$ 155,000 of gift certificates!
Help bring the Magic of Christmas to children with cancer by attending the 2019 SL Christmas Expo, December 5th – 15th.
The American Cancer Society is the world’s leader in the Fight Against Cancer. All proceeds from the 2019 SL Christmas Expo supports the Society and its efforts to provide research to end and support for those affected by childhood cancers.  For more information about the Expo visit

Need help with cancer? Needs answers or information? Visit the American Cancer Society region in Second Life®, call 800-227-2345, or

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

[WellMade] @ Designer Circle - The Event Round 23/19

 [WellMade] Kammy Blouse 
[HJ] The Ice Queen Platinum Necklace & Earrings
AnalogDog - evolve hair - light browns

Prairie @ Designer Circle - The Event Round 23/19

 Prairie - Charlotte Set (Sweater, Pants)
AnalogDog - ici hair - light browns


[GIULIADESIGN] @ Designer Circle - The Event Round 23/19

Top, Skirt, Heels 
[HJ] The Ice Queen Platinum Necklace & Earrings
AnalogDog - evolve hair - light browns

until 11/30

Monday, November 25, 2019

Prism @ Designer Circle - The Event Round 23/19

Available @ Designer Circle - The Event Round 23/19
 Prism Alison Winter Coat by Jezzixa Cazalet Gray 

  -FABIA- Hair w/Hat
AnaSTyle - Manuela - Ankle Boots 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

School Girl

 !gO! Adela sweater - maitreya lara
!gO! Adela sweater add-on - maitreya lara
!gO!  Adela skirt - maitreya lara
!gO! Adela books 1 RARE

{Limerence} Ember hair with hat RARE

!Musa! Amber Eyes RARE2 

Gimme Gacha - Gacha Garden   
November 1 to 30


 Viking Tent CHEZ MOI
Woodland Log Chair 2 CHEZ MOI
Woodland Campfire CHEZ MOI
Woodland Picnic Table CHEZ MOI
Woodland Apple Kart CHEZ MOI
Woodland Log Deer CHEZ MOI
Branch Light Pole 2 CHEZ MOI

[SPARROW] - Ari #BP (Maitreya)
Pants, Jacket, Onesie

Nord Embel'Lys  Zodiaque 
Necklace, Earrings

 Gimme Gacha - Gacha Garden   
November 1 to 30

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Autumn Park @ SWANK Fall into Autumn Event

MindGarden - Enchanted Autumn Gazebo
MindGarden - Lovers Retreat - Autumn v2
MindGarden - Lil Autumn Fairy Garden
MindGarden - Enchanted Autumn Lovers Picnic - Animated
MindGarden - Gnarled Lantern Autumn Tree w/Vines
MindGarden- Elephant Ear Plant Spread v4
MindGarden - Elephant Ear Plant v4 Full Spread
MindGarden- Autumn Ground Ivy
MindGarden - Autumn Ground Leaves Scattered
MindGarden - Sunkissed Sunflower & Clover Patch
MindGarden- Enchanted Autumn Forest Leaf Table

SimpleReflections Picnic Blanket - Autumn

CJ Creations Autumn Fence Vine + Hay Set for Single, Couple + Child
CJ Creations Wheelbarrow with anim. Cat by touch
CJ Creations Cluster of Leafs raking + child play

Until Nov 30

.:FlowerDreams:.@ SWANK Fall into Autumn Event

.:FlowerDreams:.Ida gown

Until Nov 30

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Swank & Co., ~ASW~ @ SWANK Fall into Autumn Event

 Swank & Co. Autumn Pumpkin Patch Gazebo

~ASW~ The Olympia Car Seat -Copper
~ASW~ The Olympia Car Bench
~ASW~ The Olympia Ground Pallet 1,2,3
~ASW~ The Olympia Marquee Lights I
~ASW~ The Olympia Pole Lights L, S
~ASW~ The Olympia Film Projector -Cartoon 

Until Nov 30

Enchanted Fantacy, Dreamland Design @ SWANK Fall into Autumn Event

Enchanted Fantacy Hedgehogs Pumpkin Pile & Fall Leaf Pile
DD Autumn Boho Stool
DD Autumn Boho Chair-Adult
DD Old Shabby Autumn Doors Decor
DD Old Vintage Roses Washtub
DD Swaying Bent Autumn Tree

Until Nov 30

Monday, November 18, 2019

Autumn Stroll @ Gacha Garden

Art&KO - Autumn style 
1 Art&KO - Autumn style  GACHA - Jacket (Maitreya) RARE
3 Art&KO - Autumn style  GACHA - Gold Pendant
5 Art&KO - Autumn style  GACHA - Black handbag (Maitreya)
10 Art&KO - Autumn style  GACHA - Black pants (Maitreya)
12 Art&KO - Autumn style  GACHA - Brown pants (Maitreya)
16 Art&KO - Autumn style  GACHA - Black shoes (Maitreya)

{Limerence} Janis hair

kisetsu - Autumn Kanzashi Gacha - Ginko - Gold
kisetsu - Autumn Kanzashi Gacha - Tama Type 1 - Gold 

Gimme Gacha - Gacha Garden   
November 1 to 30

Autumn Retreat @ Gacha Garden

*~*HopScotch*~* Autumn Retreat - Cabin RARE
*~*HopScotch*~*  Autumn Retreat - Bookshelf
*~*HopScotch*~*  Autumn Retreat - Curtain
*~*HopScotch*~*  Autumn Retreat - Seat
*~*HopScotch*~*  Autumn Retreat - Rug
*~*HopScotch*~*  Autumn Retreat - Blanket on a Hook
*~*HopScotch*~*  Autumn Retreat - Table
*~*HopScotch*~*  Autumn Retreat - Cup on Plate
*~*HopScotch*~* Autumn Retreat - Broom
*~*HopScotch*~* Autumn Retreat - Stack of books 

DMR-Posh Ponies-There be Dragons! #1 EMBER-RARE-B

The Half Moon Market - Floating Gazer - Bloodshot
*CK* Cute bear gacha princess pink RARE
*CK* Cute bear gacha roller girl RARE

 Gimme Gacha - Gacha Garden   
November 1 to 30

Sunday, November 17, 2019

-Sorumin-, Doe: @ Gacha Garden

-Sorumin- Cookies mood
01 RARE -Sorumin- Cookies mood GACHA -Sweet sweater- Maitreya
03 -Sorumin- Cookies mood GACHA -Cookie- (in mouth)
05 -Sorumin- Cookies mood GACHA -Brown shoes- Maitreya

Doe:  Maple / Leaves [Avg] - Hair and Hat

Gimme Gacha - Gacha Garden   
November 1 to 30

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

AnaSTyle @ Designer Circle - The Event Round

 AnaSTyle - Patrizia Black&Brown (Shirt, Skirt, Boots) Outfit

[HarshLands], .:Tm:.Creation @ SWANK Fall into Autumn Event

[HarshLands] The Autumn Guardian - Mossy (no teardrop) @ SWANK
.:Tm:.Creation Nature Scene Seasonal with Hud

Nature scene with rock, moss, bushes, wild grass plant,ground leaves, rabbit, foxes
Land Impact: 12
Approximate sizes: meters 6 wide x 2,8 deep
100% Mesh- Material enabled
You can unlink all pieces and use them as you wish
Is preferable to unlink the pieces after choosing the textures or season from the hud, otherwise the script to change the textures does not work
The pieces is 100% mesh, if you modify size the Land Impact will change up or down, same applies if you link or unlink other pieces

Until Nov 30

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sascha's Design @ SWANK Fall into Autumn Event

SAS - Claudine Blush Gown (MB&M) @ SWANK

Chop Zuey Gift - The Fair Olivia Bib Necklace and Earrings
::SG:: Justyou Bento Mesh Nails -

Until Nov 30

SKBW, Moondance @ SWANK Fall into Autumn Event

SKBW Autumn Gown @ SWANK
Moondance Boutique Paris Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Ring @ SWANK

DOUX - Lala hairstyle Pony
Chop Zuey Womens Cherish Clutch - TxChnge
7 Deadly s[K]ins - MARYE omega FACE&BODY caramel @ Designer Circle - The Event 22/19

Until Nov 30

Nala Design @ SWANK Fall into Autumn Event

 Nala Design:Shirley Outfit-Leather Top & Pants:All Mesh Bodies
Juna: Hindia tattoo Woman 
Nala Design: James Outfit V1

Nala Design*Deborah Knitted Dress*[I-V-F] -Slink [P-H]
Nala Design:Yann Suite 

All Available @ SWANK Event

Until Nov 30