Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newest Mesh Gown from Angel Dessous

Newest mesh gown from Angel Dessous "Jenie" with flexi skirt falls just elegantly to the floor. The skirt flows ever so graceful as you move. The mesh based bodice goes down to the floor has smooth and slim fits perfectly without your legs showing as you walk. You can wear them with or without the flexi skirt. Both looks are beautiful, very sophisticated and stunning indeed. Comes in 5 different geometric prints and the white/black dress texture has sort of crepe/lacy sort of texture to it, (i dont even know how to explain that lol)you have to have a closer look.

I am so honored the designer, Nando Kurobase has named this dress after...who? MOI... (blush) I was very stunned and thrilled..Thank you Nando for creating beautiful dress and naming them after me! Hugs Hugs...

Gown: Angel Dessous - Jenie
Hair: Plume Venus
Jewelries: WTG Fragrance-S

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