Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Spree Event Item from Zibska

Right now, there's an event going on called Spring Spree. The designers participating in this event has put up 1 NEW regular price item, 1 item only made for the fair with limited quantity of 100 for sale and 1 free gift item.  Zibska has designed this lovely outfit for this event has white camisole with the choice of ruffles attached at the bottom or sash with a bow for your shorts. The shorts is this cute bloomer type shorts, has matching bolero jacket and a lovely hat completes the outfit. Wouldn't you want to take a stroll around the park on a lovely spring time with your loved one with this subtle sexiness outfit?

Outfit: Aleks by Zibska
Boots: AZOURY Les Bottes Willow Black

Participating Deigners

Alice Klinger   Alli&Ali Designs
Joice Dreamscape *JD*DESIGN
mayden.ushimawa)    *MAYDEN COUTURE*
Stella eaton   ..SE✰Designz..
Acide Innovia  [Acide!]
Lynaja Bade    ⊰ KOSH & CONCRETE FLOWERS ⊱
Divinna Ansar  .::Divine::.
Lucie Bluebird Embody Shapes & Poses
Dustine Underwood  :: Caladesi Island Company :: 
(azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu)   PHRESH
Bkat bagley ═Independent════Designs
Diablo Oxhall   ::SkAnKz Inc::
Zib Scaggs * Zibska
Ivannna Voom *Unique Clothing*
Zeev Dinzeo  LollipopZ
Inka Mexicola  * ESSENCES *
Yenay Joyce  ☠ ƈąℓą√εŗą ☠
Livla Roux 

Limo to Spring Spree 2011 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Destiny%20Shores/156/102/21
Limo to Zibska http://slurl.com/secondlife/ZI%20Ocean%20View/222/68/2001

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