Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tres Beau MVW Gowns and Alienbear Jewely Design

I know most of you have already seen these gowns from Tres Beau from other bloggers. Im pretty slow in uploading posts lately due to Jenie's recent rl changes. But better late than agree? One thing, this can be a reminder to lot of you who were contemplating of getting them but put it off. Well, here they are...Tres Beaus gorgeous MVW gowns. They are such beautiful gowns with lacy bodices tight around the waist showing off your curvage.

Accessorized with gorgeous and finely detailed Alienbear Jewelry Design. Her lovely jewelries are very affordable and now she has extended her annual 50% sale whole store until Feb 28th. Try not to buy the whole store...I bet you will be tempted. :D

Miss Venezuela - Diana Balhaus Gown MVW 2013
Alienbear Design (Natasja gold white)

Miss Turky - Nice Wildrose Gown  MVW 2013
 Jewelries: Alienbear's (Haruka gold white)

Ms Portugal - Jade Spectre Gown MVW 2013
Jewelries: Alienbear Design (KrisCar GOLD (white))

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