Thursday, May 26, 2011

NEW Prim Nails at ((Crystal line))

NEW! Color changeable "Judas" nails from Crystalline. This nails are very unique because you have several handy dandy options. Not only this nail is very long and slim, makes your hands look very sexy and has unique design with chains, but you have an option of wearing them with or without the jewelry. If you have been following my blog, my ultimate fave is anything color changeable. Number 2 uniqueness about it is you can change colors into 2 nails colors like the pics below or you can stick with all one colors. Whatever your heart desires to match your outfit, so many color combinations. Nails comes in sizes 10, 20 and 30.


OK, so here's the thing....I know many of you experienced this. When you're on the runway with prim nails and OMG! the hands stretches out and the nails are not properly fitted on the fingers. You try to reattach it but doesnt work so you have to relog. You dont have time to relog while you're doing a show! All Crystal line nails comes with this another handy dandy nail reset HUD. By clicking the HUD, a 2 sec animation will be played and once it stops, the hands should be back to its original position and the nails should fit your hands beautifully. Also, the HUD works with all prim nails from any stores! This HUD is a must have item for all prim nail wearers.

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