Monday, October 12, 2015

Crystal Line Closing Sale!

This is a notification from ((Crystal Line)).
We have been managing the small store at Serena Siesta SIM after closing the HIPHOP main store. But we are going to close all the inworld stores, and we will be managing our store only in the marketplace.

Due to the closure, we are having 70% off sale on all the items that are available in the store at Serena Siesta Shop from 10-1-2015 to 10-13-2015.  ( The ones available only at marketplace are excluded from the sale.)

The marriage rings, which are pretty popular items in our store, are included in the sale, but the fees for name engraving service will be stil 100L$.
In addition, the engraving service will be stil continued after the closure of inworld store.
To place an order, please send a notecard to RENA Vita with the name of the ring set, your full name, and the characters you wish to put on them.

LM for the store which is going to close inworld.  Crystal Line Store 

Link to Crystal Line Market Place

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