Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[LAKSHMI] New Release, GG and Gacha

[LAKSHMI]Saula(Fit Mesh)Knit Dress/Green
-{ZOZ}- Romantic Dreams Nails (slink) -
.:EMO-tions:. * SUNSHINE and ROSES * darkbrown
-{ZOZ}- Hallie Heels - Loden 

Available Colors at Main Store

 [LAKSHMI]Member's Sept Gift 2014 (this color only)
 -{ZOZ}- Cara Heels - Camel 

 GACHA[LAKSHMI]9-2014-Fit Mesh(Copy/Trans for friends)
-{ZOZ}- Fall Dreams Nails (slink) -
Blushed - Italiano Anklets in Gold (Color changeable)
 -{ZOZ}- Painted Red Tulips Heels 

 GACHA[LAKSHMI]9-2014-Fit Mesh(Copy/Trans for friends) 
75L each located at main store

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