Saturday, May 18, 2013

Madrid Solo's Wedding Expo Collections

Wedding Expo 2013 event running now through May 26th. If you are planning a wedding in your near future, this is one stop shopping from head to toe. Stunning wedding gowns, makeups, jewelries, shoes'll fine whatever you need at this expo so go take a look!

Here are some sample of Madrid Solo's stunning and dramatic wedding makeup available at Wedding Expo. With this makeup, you'll will definitely stand out and be a star! Here is the LM to Madrid Solo at Wedding Expo - Madrid Solo Wedding Expo

 Madrid Solo -Wedding Desgins- Day Lilly

 Madrid Solo -Wedding Desgins- Easter Island

 Madrid Solo -Wedding Desgins- Magnolia Morning

 Madrid Solo -Wedding Desgins-The Vow

 Madrid Solo -Wedding Designs- Birds of a Feather

 Madrid Solo -Wedding Designs- Soft Spoken

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