Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eeeek! Lost all my images for my blog!

I must apologize to my regular readers of my blog. I seemed to have lost most of my images I have uploaded for this blog posts i have done from the beginning. Ever since Blogger has changed their format, it have been screwing up with my image uploads. I didnt know all my images were saved to Picasa web album. One day I was uploading my images, it said my memory was full. So I deleted my past images from Picasa web album and poof! my images are all gone from my posts. I was taking time to upload my images when i had the time. Then for some reason these images from the album was transferred to my phone! What the F! How did that happen? I had hundreds of photos went to my phone and i didnt want to take up my memories for my phone soooo. I deleted all of them. Again Poof! Images from my blog disappeared again! OMG! What the hell's going on here?? If anyone who has blogger knows what happened or how to restore it more quickly, PLEASE let me know.

I have over 300 blog posts from the beginning. I am contemplating to leave this blog and continue on Wordpress or take my time to restore my images one by one. but that will take forever it seems. ~big sigh~ If anyone has better idea, Im all ears....

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