Saturday, April 7, 2012

WTG's New Release, Group Gifts and Hunt Item

WTG has been busy creating new releases, adorable April group gifts for female and male and fabulous Four Season Plaza Hunt #3 gift.

 +:+WTG+:+ **Prelude-Gold**

 +:+WTG+:+ **Prelude-Silver** (Four Season Plaza Hunt Gift)Necklace and Earrings only
+:+WTG+:+ **Prelude-Silver**Prim Nails(available in main store)

+:+WTG+:+ **Blooming Easter** April group gift 2012(female)

+:+WTG+:+ **e-Cross** April group gift 2012(unisex) Necklace and Bracelet
+:+WTG+:+ **KxR** [F]jeweled nails

 +:+WTG+:+ **The Cheshire Cat II** bag(color changeable eyes)
+:+WTG+:+ **The Cheshire Cat** wrist-belt mini mania

+:+WTG+:+ **The Cheshire Cat** bag(color changeable eyes)

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