Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Release from WTG Stunning "Myth"

All I can say is OMG! Tosy Xue from WTG has out did himself this time. He has designed totally stunning jewelry set, "Myth". Just look at these(please click photo for more detailed look), just gorgeous! You just have to look at these detailed designs. Nails has sort of lacy look at the tip of the nails. Have you seen anything like it? Also, nails has options of wearing them with or without hand jewelries. Of course they come with nail reset HUD just in case these nails decides to float off of your fingers. There are choices of necklace and a choker, earrings hangs down so elegantly, there are left and right bangles and last but not least, shoulder jewelries. Now I have never seen this sort of jewely anywhere so far, have you? But they are just spectacular. He does not forget the back part of you as well,  They are just breathtaking and you'll feel like a princess in these.

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