Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NEW From +:+WTG+:+ Kaleidoscope

New jewelry sets from +:+WTG+:+ Kaleidoscope. As you were a child, Im sure you have looked thru a tube into the light and see these very colorful beads and fakes of colorful magic. You turn the tube around and they make unique patterns that are so whimsical and beautiful, you can look thru them all day. These unique jewelries are just that. There are nails with rings, bracelets, 2 types of earrings and 2 types of necklaces. You can purchase by singles or in a fatpack that are very affordable  you cant help it to buy the whole thing! You have 4 different colors to choose from, black, gold, silver and pink. Also included is this wonderful nail reset HUD with nails. If you dont know what is a nail reset HUD is, every prim nail fanatics should own this. Every prim nail wearers know this. For some reason or another(lag maybe, who knows) your hand spreads and oops! nails doesnt fit on your fingers anymore, what do you do? Reattach them? or better yet, relog? Not anymore. Just wear the nail reset HUD, click it then PRESTO! back to normal again. This HUD works every time and also works with any nails from other nail designers. Its a great thing to have in your virtual purses. Nails comes in sizes 10, 20 and 30. (Click on the photo for more closer look)

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