Saturday, June 11, 2011


FINESMITH is having a hunt right now until June 30. There are 21 boxes to find and items will be sold to you for 0-200L each (0, 10L, 20L, 30L......190L,200L) that contains fabulous goodies inside worth minimum of 250L each, all together worth well over 15k and when you complete the hunt, here's what you get...

Complete Amor'e outfit and jewelries

Complete "Melting"oufit and "Magic" jewelries
(Boots and nails are not hunt items)

This hunt is for Finesmith group members only so hurry and join and happy hunting! 

Here are the hints:
#1 Hint: Its not funky or retro and its not in front..

#2 Hint: Red and blue mix together so beautifully in the sky...

#3 Hint:  2 powerhouse creators together! 

#4 Four models dancing, 3 bracelets jingling, 2 rings shining....

#5 Hint:  Do I need to spell it out for you? Its not y-o-u, its..

#6  Hint: Its' Lovely how these Eyes can see a whole collection!

#7 Hint:  Was it her violet eyes? You have to go here and find out.

#8 Hint: Kitty races! Go go!

#9 Hint:  Beyond stunning but still it is...couture

#10 Hint: Its not Elle and its not Cosmo but it is fashion!
#11 Its not Thursday can still luck out!
#12 Hint: Dont rub this after a big meal!
#13 Hint:  Ohh Think Pink, its not a secret anymore..

#14  Hint: Japanese beauty...Delicate and soft..

#15 Hint:  Its not real..but its not fake..

#16  Look up! Is it Rissa? Yula? or is it Ali?...hmm...

#17 Hint:  Be careful..they are fragile..

#18 Hint:  Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will stop you from finding this item!

#19 Hint:  Those darn Foxes always up to or under something...

#20 Hint:  There is no Limit to how far a tush can go!

#21 Hint:  Whats next to the desert?  The Ocean? An oasis?

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