Monday, June 27, 2011

CHICHI of London San Tropez Beach Swimwear

Yayyyy, summer is here and so are Chichi of London's lovely San Tropez Beach swimwear. Their swimwear are not like others you see around. They are made of brocade type texture with Asian prints. As you can see, they come with Asian style footwear called zori or geta usually wear with kimonos or yukatas(summer kimono). I think they are very unique for walking on the beach boardwalks. Also included are the sunhats to cover your delicate skin from the sun.  You want to be unique and different? ChiChi of London has it for you!

Chichi San Tropez Beach Suit Sunset
Chichi San Tropez Beach Suit Aqua

 Chichi San Tropez Beach Suit Jungle
Chichi San Tropez Beach Suit Natural

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