Saturday, May 7, 2011

Introducing ((Crystal Line)) Jewelry

I want to introduce another Japanese jewelry designer who started off as a fashion model in sl and now a fabulous jewelry designer,  Rena Vita from ((Crystal Line)). Just take a look at these new releases from her line. You can tell she puts lot of her time into fine tuning her details on every nicks and cranny. And another fabulous thing about all of these are my favorite, gem stone/metal color changeable! I just love color changeable items because you dont have to pay for each colors and feels like you own several different jewelries. And....another thing is her jewelries are very affordable. All of these are fabulous for runways or just going out with your lovie to a romantic ballroom. (Click on photo for more detailed look)

 "Camelia" Accessory Set

"Marian" Accessory Set

"Tatiana" Accessory Set

"Alexandrea" Accessory Set

"Ramona" Accessory Set

"Karina" Accessory Set

When you join the group now, you'll get this lovely group gifty, "Ramona" light pink set(not color changeable).  She has lots of others I know you'll absolutely love so go on...TP over now!

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