Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fart at Sascha's? Nooooooo

Ok, so....when you think of "fart", would you think gas? stinky? nasty? Well...not at Sascha's Design. No stinky or nasty there at her store, no siree. There's only gorgeous and lovely gowns at Sascha's but there's is one gown named Midnight Fart Ballroom Gown and they're not nasty...infact they are stunning! This gown is nothing to fart about. There's several options and you can mix and match the styles with your moods, with or without bolero jacket, slim skirt to show off your sexy bodyline, big fluffy skirt for ballrooms, or long train skirt for simple elegance. So why "Midnight Fart" you ask? I wondered myself but I hear someone dared Sascha to name one of her gown Fart so here it is :D

Close up of Bodice
 Gown: Sascha's Design Midnight Fart
Skin: Unique Megatore Jessyca
Hair: Baiastice-Moira hair attachment-BLONDE-tan
Jewelries: ((Crystal line))White Square Necklace, Earrings and Bangles

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